Math Refresher Course

Engineering Math Refresher Course

Fundamental Concepts and Techniques of Calculus

Taught by Dr. Reinhard OW Franz.

Winter Semester 2020

Block 1 Jan 6–Feb 26 4:00–4:50pm 321 EB Schedule (PDF)
Block 2 Feb 27–Apr 15 4:00–4:50pm 321 EB Schedule (PDF)

Spring Term 2020

Apr 28–Jun 15 3:00–4:50pm 325 EB Schedule (PDF)

Summer 2020 Compact Course

Register through this site

Aug 24–Aug 28 See schedule for times and locations Schedule (PDF)

Fall Semester 2020

Block 1 Aug 31–Oct 19 4:00–4:50pm 254 CB Schedule (PDF)
Block 2 Oct 21–Dec 10 4:00–4:50pm 254 CB Schedule (PDF)